Plenary Speakers

  • Soft Bioelectronics: Design Concepts for Engineered Elasticity

    The introduction of soft materials and microtechnology provides an opportunity to engineer bioelectronic systems with mechanical compliance.  Inorganic thin films of electronic materials are integrated with polymeric carrier structures using standard fabrication techniques.  Elastomers provide the soft, outer envelope of the system.  Geometrical designs with controlled curvature and features across scales enable programmable deformations in one or multiple axis combined with electrical performance. 

    This talk will report on our methodical approach to design, manufacture and test soft bioelectronics with engineered elasticity.  Designs from lab-based to implantable translational bioelectronics will be showcased.

  • Flexible Electronics: Challenges and Opportunities — a Materials Science View

    In recent years, immense efforts in the flexible electronics field have led to unprecedented progress and to devices of ever increasing performance. Despite these advances, new opportunities are sought in order to widen the applications of organic-based technologies and expand their functionalities and features. 

  • E Ink Displays for Ultra-low Power Smart and Green Switching Surfaces